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This Beautiful Boy

This beautiful boy left us on the morning of St. Patrick’s Day.

I know I have some things to express but they won’t come. I feel as though I have consumed a meaty loaf of German rye bread, and it is lodged in my chest, pressing against my rib cage. The loaf forms the start of a tiny scab which protects me, and I don’t know how I feel about that scab. I can’t live feeling as raw as I have but I can’t decide: let the scab do its healing work or tear it off again?

I may write more another day. I may not.

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  1. I am all too familiar with the emotions you’re feeling now. You have my sincere sympathy on the loss of such a dear friend and family member.

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  2. Virginia C Harwerth

    I understand, we lost our Beethoven last autumn. He truly is beautiful, and what a photo!

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  3. Such a sweet picture of your beautiful boy! I know the raw feeling of saying good-bye to a beloved pet. You loved him well and he loved you right back!!

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