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An Afternoon in My Other Counseling Office


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The air is dead with offgassing carpets, cleaning products, and layering, lingering camouflage. Makeup, perfume, deodorant, shampoo, aftershave, and gum conceal souls ashamed to show their bruising. Souls afraid to own their splendor.

The light is dead as well. Unnatural light emitted by glowing tubes which draw from a source inadequate to supply true illumination. It reveals the glistening scalp under the expensive coif. It corners the man who must hide his face or else betray his sorrow.

It tells all: Charlie has combed his hair but he has not bathed for a week.

It tells nothing: This cool, reptilian light does not warm. It does not heal.

So many voices. I am at once numbed and enamored, lacerated and reassured. I escape the contrived comforts of my outpatient surgery to shake off the smothering accumulation.

I walk the property in slow circles. Goodness and mercy follow me as I gulp the sunshine in slow, steady breaths. A purple finch perches atop the rusted fence. A cow lows in in the distance. The light enters at my invitation and pools in my recesses.

I return to the well-appointed office donated by the well-appointed church made up of well-appointed congregants who trust that I am versed in the art of swallowing light.

Here is a post I wrote some time ago about an afternoon in my urban counseling office.





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  1. Stunning, Jane. Beautiful writing.

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  2. A @ moylomenterprises

    Such great imagery. Nicely done as always.

    You’ve been blessed with a gift — The gift of seeing into the human soul to shed a light on pain and suffering. Not many have this gift. Absorbing the pain that your light reveals can be overwhelming I’m sure, but you were chosen for a reason. The source of the light knows you, He knows you seek Him to guide you and so He will not leave you to toil alone. Your light comes from Him. Take the pain you absorb and give it to Him. He knows what to do. He chose you, so don’t fear, and just shine. Those hollow lights of which you spoke are no match for yours for your power source is everlasting.

    Breathe… Release the burden… Breathe… Draw strength from the true source… You are blessed… Breathe… You are a blessing to others. Hugs 🌷

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  3. What a beautifully written piece – so poetic and evocative. I love the way you describe the light and the smells of the office. I hope to see more posts like this it’s fantastic!

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