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Pandemic Fashion

Pandemic Fashion


Pandemic Living has caused me to commit more than my usual number of fashion crimes. I apologize in advance….


Exhibit A



Exhibit B


Exhibit C

Exhibit D

pandemic 3

As a public service and to cleanse your palate so you can sleep tonight, I present this amazing little creature, found during my dog walk yesterday:

Turtle 1 Duplicate

Turtle 2 copy


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  1. Hey, at least you got out of your PJs! I love the tiny turtle!!

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  2. Ginger Harwerth

    Those are all happy colors and we need happy! Also that is the smallest turtle I’ve ever seen, cute!

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  3. The turtle tyke is terrific. As for the fashion statements, I plead the Fifth. Besides, I’m ill-suited to comment on what others wear. I’m lucky to find a T-shirt that still fits. [sigh]

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  4. The tiny turtle is cute, yes, but I’m coveting the colorful clogs. No crime committed — sartorially speaking!

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  5. I think your isolation “style” is a feature, not a bug! Love your colorful clothes and clogs!

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