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Family Rules

Welcome to the Family copy

If you are interested in reading the Family Rules thread but don’t want to have to scroll through the larger feed, here are the essays published to date lined up in their original order:

Welcome to the Family!

Don’t Tell Betty

Don’t Tell Your Father

Friends Before Family

The Big Red Robe

Visiting Behavior, Act I

Visiting Behavior, Acts II & III

I Want to Be a Mighty Oak

Being-Visited Behavior

Piano Lessons

Food is Love

Everything German is Better

Everything German…

A Lie is a Spank

I Know You Better than You Know Yourself


If There is a Problem, it Must Be Your Problem

Logic Rules (unless we are talking about me)

The Perfect Gift is Something You Would Like for Yourself

… (Dot, dot, dot.)

Dig In In & Pile It On

Aunt Mimi’s Famous Dip!

Aunt MiMi

When Everything German is Wurst

Words without Deeds

Sing When You Feel Like Crying

A House Divided

Bankroll, Yo

Full Plate

Family Math

A Sorry Translation



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