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Wonder Worms


I sit, mesmerized. I cannot look away.

Across from me, the wonder worms dance across their tiny stage to music only they can hear. So varied and gifted a performance!

Their tap dance, in truth, more of a soft shoe routine, gives way to a classical pas de deux. They plié. They leap. They arc. They bow. It’s all a tease to draw me in. The tension builds: Again and again, they run at each other. They come so very close…and then fall back. They run at each other once more. I lean in and hold my breath.

Suddenly all is still.

The worms resume their performance before I can even register this denouement. This time it’s disco. Then hip hop. What’s next? The Electric Slide. Their agility knows no bounds.

Suddenly the worms become boxers. Light on their feet, they weave and bob as they size one another up. They feint. Faster and faster they spring. Who will be first to deliver the knockout punch?

I forget where I am. I forget who I am. I hope the worms are benevolent because there is no going back. I sit unblinking, paralyzed, spellbound. I am at their mercy. Magnetized, I lean closer still.

I sit, mezmerized. And I cannot look away.




“Don’t stop.”

“What are you talking about? Let’s go.”


“Come on, I’m done. We can get coffee now. Thanks for being patient. I really needed to take care of that.”

“Who are you?”

See the wonder worm performance here. View at your own risk.

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  1. The hypnotic effect reminds we so much of the night in the ER after I was in a car accident, Jane. I had 105 stitches in the left side of my face (incl. over my eyelid and down the side of my nose). Because I had a mild concussion from the accident they couldn’t knock me out, so I had numerous shots of topical anesthetic. Really, this post reminds me of that night.

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    • Wow! I would never have known this based on your blog photo. You look great!

      Sorry the post brought back an icky memory. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to use that whirly thing or not because it made me a little queasy myself. I wanted to convey something about the post without giving a spoiler.

      Not sure whether to laugh or cry about the fact that the weirdness which routinely happens in my head is reminiscent of what a “normal” person experiences after a head injury, LOL.


      • There was an amazing plastic surgeon on call at the ER. 105 stitches on one side (think of the Phantom of the Opera mask over just one side), and so all the stitches were hidden except for the tie-off stitches. He said he could have done more on my eye–except the other eye was damaged, so he couldn’t do that–it’s amazing with a plastic surgeon can do in an ER. Even now, after all these years, unless I’m in the sun too long, you can’t see the scars.

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  2. Jane, I had no idea what you were posting about, so, of course, I had to watch the clip! That kid’s going to have thumb-thritis!

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