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Resurrection Day, 2016


Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commoms


I wanted a flashy day with loud music, confetti, and line dancing but God said No. Resurrection is a process.

I wanted a forgettable day with daffodils, blinding sunbeams, and enough perspiration bleeding through my t-shirt to prove that Winter had come to an end. God provided a pale day and a chastening spirit which chilled the bones of the beeches and chattered the ghosts which clung to their outstretched arms.

I zipped my jacket and kept hiking. Hints of redbud pink rewarded my perseverance.

Today I sit behind my desk and discover that I have one delicious hour more than I had expected. I have forgotten my utensils and, in the privacy of my office, peel and eat a sweet potato like an ice cream cone while typing these words with sticky fingers. Ideas rattle in my own skull, crowding one another and asking for safe passage onto paper. I choose to bring this one to Life:

God has provided another perfect day.

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  1. A @ moylomenterprises

    Eating a sweet potato like an ice cream cone: Now there’s an image I’m not gonna go get any time soon. I bet you won’t either!

    I just sat for a quick lunch and this image via your post has brought a smile to my face, much like the sunshine that came today after all the rain yesterday.

    It is indeed a perfect day! Thanks for sharing 😀🌷

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  2. Lovely reflection, Jane. Sometimes we just need to peel away our expectations to find the perfection that was always there. Love the sweet potato image – perfect 🙂

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  3. Amen. Another perfect day…hour…moment…memory. And gratitude for even a breath of joy makes for a perfect day.

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  4. What an optimistic post! I love the way your faith makes you see the joy and beauty in simple things like the sweet potato and allows you to enjoy life so much. If only other people’s faith were more like yours! 🙂

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